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Correct your sitting posture and stay away from back pain

Posture is a position of holding your body while sitting, sleeping, or walking. It plays a significant role in your body. Maintaining the right sitting posture helps you in many ways, such as:

  • It distributes the body pressure on different parts of the body.
  • It keeps the joints and bones active.
  • Right posture prevents the sense of fatigue because body muscles are used in the right way.
  • It keeps the spine flexible and prevents back pain.

So, we have to maintain a correct sitting posture to avoid back pain and other body aches.

Various causes of pain

Body pain is now seen in most of the adults. There are many reasons for which we suffer from body pains.

Some of them are:

  • Less movement of the body makes our muscles stiff, mainly around the neck and back area. Later, when we try to re-adjust our postures, we feel terrible back pain.
  • Wrong sitting posture can affect the spinal alignment, which can cause pain around the neck and back. Maintaining a correct sitting posture is essential to get rid of such distress.
  • Our spine is something that needs to be bent, straightened, and turned so that it remains flexible. But when we sit in front of a desk for hours, our spinal movement gets limited, which makes the spine stiff and causes back pain.
  • If one sleeps in some inappropriate way, they also feel pain in different parts of the body the next morning.
  • If one had an accident in the past, now they can also suffer from different body-aches.
  • A low immunity system is another reason for body pain. For example, when we have a high fever, we suffer from body pains as well.

How to correct your sitting posture?

After analyzing the causes of various body pains, the next question is how to correct posture to avoid pain. There are many ways to adjust the sitting position; they are:

  • Sit with a straight back and shoulder.
  • One should sit at the end of the chair.
  • Never sit crossing the legs.
  • Try to keep the feet on some stool or resting table of low height.
  • Change posture in every 30 minutes.
  • Using the armrests of a chair is essential. It gives the elbows and shoulders support and relaxes the body.
  • Instead of twisting a flexible chair, turn the body to do things. Try to move the body as much as possible.
  • Doing some neck and shoulder exercises while sitting on a chair also helps to ease body pain.
  • If one wants to stand up, they should not bend the body. Instead, they should move forward and straighten their legs to stand up.

Thus, if one follows all the correct sitting posture, they will not face any back pain or other issues even though they work in front of a desk for hours. Keeping the body active is the key to all such problems.

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