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What Are Blind Pimple and The Treatment

Pimples are not always over the skin, sometimes the grime is trapped under the skin which irritates more as compared to other types of pimples. The pimples which are covered by the skin are not under visible but they are too painful and they take more time in going away because the solution can’t be applied directly to them. It is true that every type of pimple is formed with the combination of naturally secreted oil and bacteria when they block the pore. Squeezing the blind pimple should be avoided as it can make the inflammation worse and the area turns red, it can also lead to infection. One should look for the treatment which can create the head of the pimple, so the accumulated grime can be extracted out. A few effective acne remover and products for pimples are mentioned below:

Anti-acne serum: (SPA IN A BOTTLE)

The anti-acne serum works great in treating the hidden pimple, it also helps in curing the redness around the affected area. A pimple goes away with the acne serum overnight and it is an amazing treatment if the person has to go to a party or give a presentation in the office. The serum gives effective results in just 12 hours.

Anti-pimples face wash: (Rivaj)

Deep cleansing helps in getting rid of the acne issue because clogged pores are the main cause of pimples formation. The face wash produced for acne remover by Rivaj doesn’t contain grease or oil. It not only works in preventing the breakouts but also tightens the pores so the grime can’t sit in them. It is a gentle cleanser with no harsh constituents that dries out the skin and it doesn’t allow the blemish to take the place of a pimple.

Salicylic Acid 2% Solution: (The Ordinary)

Blemishes replace the acne when it is treated, but the salicylic acid solution is produced with the innovative formula which not only helps in purging away the pimples but also the marks left by them. It goes deep down in the pores to extract the dirt and cleanse away the impurities. The solution clears the skin from the bacteria which can cause infection starting from a single pimple. It is an effective best blemish remover product to cure the severe skin issue which is annoying as well as painful.

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