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Common Mistakes Hunters Make When Using Deer Decoys

Mastering the hunting of deer by a decoy is not as easy as you think about it. It may take a lot of time to be skilled and professional. In the meantime, you can make some common mistakes that may ruin your hunting experience. Since every hunting is different, knowing every use of a deer decoy is essential.

Although the best deer decoy lures deer and helps you set up a shooting range for them, misusing decoys allow deer to avoid the hunting area. That’s because we’re here to talk about those mistakes with useful solutions. As a result, hunters will be able to be aware of them soon.

Hunters Fail to Consider Decoy Visibility

This is one of the common mistakes that every hunter usually makes, especially when bucks are more difficult to pattern. Hunters place the decoy in the wrong position. So, deer cannot see the decoy and not be attracted to it.


Choose the most suitable spot within bow range to set the decoy. If you are hunting in a field, place it on an edge so that the decoy can be seen from distant places.

Hunters Don’t Use the Right Decoy

Although decoys come in different sizes and shapes, using the right decoy is necessary to gain more success. Sometimes, hunters don’t use the right decoy to be successful in deer hunting. Some types of decoys can make deer wary of their presence.


When attempting to attract deer with a dominating buck decoy, you can consider that your decoy might be very intimidating. So, you should avoid decoys that are too scary and large.

Hunters Use Decoys without Matching Calls

Hunters usually use a call to make the deer appear more realistic. But hunters sometimes require such calls that can be matched to their decoys. Otherwise, they don’t provide useful results.


Match your call to your deer decoy. If you use a grunting buck call with a doe decoy, it might cause the deer to escape. Try to make scraping and rustling sound to mimic a buck to lure more deer for successful hunting.

Hunters Use Wrong Scents on Decoys

If your decoy provides human odors, it’s a red flag that something is wrong to approaching bucks. Deer will be more suspicious of unfamiliar scents that might help them to guess the presence of hunters.


When you’re using a decoy, practice a good scent control to lure more deer. You can also pack your decoy in a scent-control bag so that it always smells natural. For avoiding contaminating your decoy, try to handle it with latex gloves.

Hunters Sometimes Don’t Give Much Attention to Setup

Making an excellent setup is essential when you’re using a deer decoy. Sometimes hunters place a decoy without any effective strategy.


Determine what is motivating the behavior of deer and use the right decoy. He is probably looking to feed other deer, dominate, socialize or mate other bucks. He might look for a doe to mate or entire. In this regard, placing an estrus doe decoy can be handy.


We hope these tips help you avoid the common mistakes that you might make in your upcoming hunting adventure. If you find this article helpful, it will be our best achievement today. Enjoy hunting deer with the right decoy.

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