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5 ways to find the best position for sex

It’s all about hitting the right spot, but it takes some work first.

You’re in a relatively new relationship, and though the two of you are having frequent sex, something’s not right. You realise that the positions you’re using for sex are not comfortable, or that they don’t help you achieve orgasm.

It’s time to find the best sex position that works for both of you.

1 Talk about it. If you are sexually experienced, then you might already have tried out different sex positions before. But it is possible that while you like one position, your partner likes another. Finding the best position for sex that works well for both of you will need an honest chat. Ask your partner what turns them on and tell them what gets you going. Now try to work out which position will fit in both sets of likes.

2 Match your expectations. Different people like different things from sex. While you may like it sweet and tender, your partner might be excited by rougher action. So, you will have to find a midway that creates a new comfort zone for the two of you. Some couples work out the best sex position that allows both partners to participate and enjoy the act fully – for example, you might start slow in a missionary position to satisfy your partner, then switch gears to another position so that you can orgasm.

3 Be safe to feel extra sexy. Whatever sex position you try, you will feel constricted and hesitant if you feel unsafe during the process. We’re talking about using protection, and this means using a कंडोमfor sex. You cannot commit fully to the act if you’re worried about getting pregnant or transmitting an STI. Set your mind at ease by wearing a condom and getting some lube on if you want to keep the action going without discomfort. In fact, some sex positions might require extra lubrication, so don’t hesitate to slather some lube on.

4 Experiment after agreeing to. Confidence and respect are keys to a satisfying sexual life. If you feel that the two of you don’t jell together during sex, it’s probably because you haven’t found the best position for sex together. But in your quest for more bedroom fireworks, do not suddenly bust a move that your partner doesn’t see coming. Before using your hands, teeth, tongue or lips in a way that they are not used to, let your partner consent to the new move. It’s only fair – would you like it if they did something unfamiliar without asking you first?

5 Stick with what works. Once you find the best position for sex, it’s all about making little adjustments so that the two of you can experience total bliss every time you are together. You can spice things up by trying the same position in different parts of the house, or even outside it.

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