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Gazelle Edge by Tony Little

Not everyone loves exercising without a prop. Working out without a tool is a bit boring and hard. On top of that, there are chances of strain and injury. And when it is about total body toning, there cannot be just one exercise that can provide the desired result. You need to try quite a few different exercises. That too, in quite a few sessions. That is why many people prefer taking the route of using workout tools.

Now finding a workout tool for full-body toning is a bit difficult. So, for you, we are reviewing the very popular Gazelle Edge by Tony Little.

Review of Gazelle Edge by Tony Little

Gazelle Edge by Tony Little is a low impact workout tool. It is gentle and too easy to use. Assembling it is as easier as it can get. The tool is perfect for both upper body and lower body exercises. When you are working out on it, you are working on your full body. It might seem to focus on the cardiovascular system the most. But in actual, it targets much more than that. You will burn calories at a rapid rate and lose weight within no time. But with a proper diet, of course.

Easy To Use

It is not a complicated workout tool. It is just the basic, which does what it is intended to do. You do not need a trainer to use this elliptical machine. So, without any doubt, it can be the Best Elliptical Machine for Home Use. You are your own trainer, and this tool will guide you efficiently. You just need to assemble it a bit, and that is also very easy to do. It can be folded flat. So, you can keep it anywhere you want, under the bed, behind the door. Or keep it at a corner, fully assembled.

High Performance

This machine provides high performance. From slow walking to running fast, you can try low impact work out depending on your comfort. There will be no jerky movements. You can pedal in a fluid motion consistently. Go slow with the machine if you are a beginner. Going slow doesn’t mean you will not burn calories. Glide faster after getting used to it. The glider will be smooth from the beginning till the end. The only difference might be your energy.


It has a five-function computer. The digital monitor displays burned calories, time, distance, and speed. Keep a close eye on your workout.


The footplates are textured. It plays a huge role in safe exercising. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or skilled, but while doing vigorous training, you can slip and fall. The comfortable handlebars, along with the big textured footplates, provide the much-needed grip.


  • Easy to workout
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • From slow walk to all-out running, it is smooth
  • 5-function computer
  • Foldable- takes no extra space to store


  • Fixed resistance

A machine is worth the price when it is lightweight, easy to assemble and store, and has all the necessary features. This one is that machine and worth every penny. Invest in it and take the first step towards healthy living.

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