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Is There Any Difference Between Medical and Recreational CBD?

There are few key differences between the 2 classifications of the CBD products. Firstly, they are not different, but is CBD itself. Both recreational CBD as well as medical CBD are cannabidiol.

Also, they share same chemical structure. Due to this structure, it helps in determining how and where the substance will work in the body to elicit any results, so both will work on same receptor rites. However, that is where all the similarities will end.

The levels of dosage are quite different

FDA’s one of the concerns with advertising of CBD is that these recreational CBD products usually are delivered to CBD store in the form of dosage and amounts that have got no approval for medical usage.

However, medical CBD is currently available only as 100mg/ml oral solution in actual amount that is generally determined by the Doctors. Conversely, the strength of most of the strong non-medical CBD are at only 50mg/ml.

Epidiolex will need prescription

Epidiolex needs supervision of doctors with the authority of prescribing controlled substances. FDA approved treatment of specific conditions, and the doctor will decide if it is right for you or not and what dosage to be taken.

Recreational CBD, however, can be taken for any reason that you see fit depending upon your own research, whether it is advised by the doctor or not.

Medical CBD Is no full-spectrum CBD

Not all recreational products of CBD available online are full-spectrum or even whole-plant CBD, however you have the choice to select it. However, CBD is one of the active compounds from cannabis, which is just only one out of hundred.

When you select a full-spectrum product, then you are also providing your body an access to all the other kinds of cannabinoids, many of which also have their own benefits in terms of health and wellness.

This kind of entourage effect may often create synergistic results, and create much greater amount of cumulative effect as compared to each compound, e.g. CBD had been taken separately.

Their processing may not have been at same standards

In terms of drug, medical CBD will always be manufactured to certain pharmaceutical standards in a very clean environment, and that is not the level of quality which is needed for recreational CBD manufacturers.

Some manufacturers, have made their capital investment in terms of multi-million dollars for processing equipment, operating pharmaceutical-grade facility for manufacturing, and hold themselves as highest production standards.

However, not every manufacturer of CBD chooses to do that. This will make it hard to find any high-quality product which can meet your expectation.

Choose one that suits your body

You cannot use recreational CBD products as replacement of medical CBD or certain drug without taking permission of your doctor. However, they will remain an option only for those who prefer an adjunct to medical care or those who like natural path for better wellness.

Always therefore start by ensuring that you are getting the product from certain reputable manufacturer who meets highest standards and also has proper certificates of analysis in order to prove its purity and potency.

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