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Can I safely use my inhaler for asthma during pregnancy?

The use of dulera inhaler is safe during pregnancy. In addition, it is strongly recommended to keep your asthma under control during these few months. According to a report published in England in 1993: “The risks, known to date, of untreated asthma are much greater than the risks associated with the use of medication, for the mother and for the future child.” 

Most asthmatic women give birth to healthy babies. However, untreated asthma can cause a decrease in oxygen delivery to the baby. This can increase for your baby the risks of:

  • low birth weight,
  • premature birth.

Uncontrolled asthma can also increase the risk of pregnancy complications such as:

  • the preeclampsia (swelling, high blood pressure, protein in the urine),
  • excessive vomiting.

Many types of treatments are available to control asthma attacks. They are divided into two main categories: 


These drugs reduce inflammation of the lungs. They help to prevent or reduce the symptoms of asthma. However, they usually do not produce immediate and rapid relief. Anti-inflammatories are a very common treatment for asthma. 

The main substance used is sodium cromoglicate . One study has shown that animal experiments and human tests seem to show only a very small risk to the fetus. 

A second substance used to treat asthma is sodium nedocromil. There is very little information available on the effects of this medicine in pregnancy. 

The last type of anti-allergic available: corticosteroids. Several studies have shown that taking corticosteroids increases the risk of palate cracking in small animals (rats or mice). But this risk seems limited to animals. No link with a risk in humans has been highlighted to date. 


These drugs relax and open the airways. They therefore relieve the symptoms of asthma temporarily. Salbutamol (as an inhaler) is commonly prescribed. Experts believe that this substance is usually safe during pregnancy. Also used are anticholinergics such as ipratopium bromide (atrovent) which has no known side effect to date

Your doctor or gynecologist will be able to advise you personally. In general, health professionals recommend minimal medication during pregnancy. The amount needed to keep the symptoms under control is enough. Most of the time, doctors prefer to prescribe drugs that have long been proven. They are thus considered safe, with much hindsight. Experts favor the prescription of inhalers rather than tablets. So the active substances reach less your baby. 

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