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5 Easy Ways To Distribute Coupons This Holiday Season

Discounts are a great way to get customers in the door of your business being a physical store or an online shop. When it comes to the year’s premiere sales event, it’s a good idea to use coupons to direct customers to your incredible deals. Coupons have evolved beyond simple paper squares in newspapers and magazines. You’ll want to investigate both traditional paper coupons and advanced online codes this fall in order to drive business to your store. Here are five popular channels you can use to get these coupons out to your customers.


Having a mailing list and sending out personalized coupons is a great way to build your relationship with your customers. There are quite a few advantages to e-mail; privacy (since customers don’t see each other’s coupons), expense (e-mails are free), and effort (you can set up e-mails to be sent totally automatically).


It’s cheap and easy to put coupons online. You can publish your offers on voucher sites like Wiki Gains. Alternatively, you can try posting coupons on local media websites or partnering with other local businesses and posting your coupons to each other’s sites. This way, you’ll attract customers who weren’t already thinking about your business.

Social Media

You can build up a loyal online following by offering coupons to friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. With social media, it’s important to make sure that your coupons offer great deals. Not only will they entice people to follow you (and therefore view your other online marketing in the future), they’ll also encourage your customers to share your online deals with their friends. Try adding social incentives into your coupons themselves by offering a big discount when people refer new customers or bring a friend.

Newspaper / Magazines

Print coupons have been used for over a century, and they’re not going anywhere. Despite the ease of producing and distributing online coupons, print coupons still represent over 40% of the coupon market. They’re incredibly effective, too. One study showed that 70% of customers look for traditional print coupons in their newspapers and magazines, while other research indicates that while 41% of millennials will look online for coupons, more than twice as many (85%) use coupons they find in their mailbox.


While the internet age has made us a lot better at tracking consumer data, it’s important to remember that consumers still have mailboxes. This means that you can work with marketing firms to build a mailing list of potential customers in your area and then send out beautiful full-colour postcards to people who are extremely likely to visit your store.

You can target customers by age, location, and other factors. If you own a body building supplements store, for example, you can only send out coupons to people who are gym members! While this sort of targeting is a little more expensive up-front, it means that many more of your coupons will wind up in the hands of eager new customers.

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