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Doing The 100 Squats A Day Challenge And Its Results

Body fitness and health is important and nothing can contest that. No matter how anyone justifies drinking, eating, and lying in bed every single day for months and years, it does not spell out as a good and healthy lifestyle.

But that kind of healthy living comes with commitment. And sadly, a lot of people are not into such devotion towards something when they are too distracted by other things. Things, like getting drunk with friends almost every other day and spending lazy hours on some sofas or bed. Sure, it looks fun but you are deteriorating physically slowly deep inside.

What could worse happen with those unhealthy activities? Well, for starters, your cardiovascular suffers significantly. Your lungs lose its ability to withstand activities that require a lot of physical involvement. Metabolism becomes abnormal and could lead to so much type of illnesses.

Instead of sleeping all day after a long night of drinking and whatnots, why not spend your other free time with some little challenges. You could try biking, swimming, jogging. Or if you are not yet into going outside, why not do the 100 squats a day challenge for one month?

If you are wondering what you could possibly gain after a month of daily 100 squats—a lot. Here are some positive and good results that you could attain after a month.

It is good for cardio

Doing 100 squats in one sitting for the first time might surprise you. If you have not done any proper exercise for quite some time or recently, you will find yourself catching for breath, cramping for some leg muscle strain, and probably lose your balance in the middle of it. That is if you are able to reach the 50th repetition.

But if you have enough stamina to reach the 100th in your very first session, then you are doing great. It will probably hurt a little but it will go away or perhaps until the next day of the challenge where it will be strained again. By that time, you will find that it will hurt a little lesser every passing day.

But for your cardio, after a week or so of continuous 100 squats a day, you will realize how much your breathing will improve. If you can compare your first day and the second week, you will notice that your breathing becomes less of a drag than it used to. That is good for both your lungs and your heart.

Better metabolism

Exercises are only effective if they are done in consistency. That simply means that you are not to make any excuses once you start and dedicate a short period of precious time in your day. No matter how much it will hurt in your first, second, and third day, you are not to refrain and make alibi not to do it the next day.

In that effect, blood circulation will start to improve and that will cause a chain reaction from burning calories to making your digestive system work really hard to sustain your needs properly. Also, keep in mind that while you are in the 100 squats a day challenge; try to do it with proper diet. This will help give you a significant and much noticeable body transformation. Who knows, you might like the changes that you will see after a week in the mirror.

Doing regular exercise improves metabolism so take advantage of that situation and go for foods that are rich in nutrients and vitamins to help you get fit. Since this is just a month of the challenge, it shouldn’t be too much of a struggle for you.

Prove to yourself that you can also dedicate yourself to positive things and not just to activities that are bad for your health. Besides, staying fit and healthy is fun too, if you just find the right motivation and inspiration to do it.

Increases flexibility and strength

Another positive effect of 100 squats, when done every day, is you will improve your muscles flexibility and strength. Those little efforts that easily make you lose your breath will start to feel easier. Tying your shoes and standing up immediately will not make you feel dizzy anymore. Going up the stairs will not make you stop and catch a breath. Running a single block does not seem like a mission impossible deed.

All of those good effects will only start to show if you continue to do the squats for at least a month. You see, not everything is easy. Nothing so good is simply handed to you just because you thought of it. If you want something, work for it. And if you want to have a stronger body, start somewhere. And in this case, do the 100 squats a day until 30 days.

Weight Loss

This is probably the best part of doing any exercise—the loss of some of your extra pounds of fat. Admit it, as much as people love their bodies as they are, it is still best to have a fit body with less to no fat hanging around the waste. In this society, looking good and sexy is the standard for being healthy. And to most, it is a fact.

Good characters and kind heart can give you the advantage after the first impressions fail. But if you look good with your flat abs and tight limbs, you will have rocked the introduction just with the first impression. So weight loss is not easy but the reality is, it is doable.

Although 100 squats a day for 30 days seemed a very simple task, it could prove useful and a start to something better. If you can make it in a month without skipping a day that means you can do more than just squats.

After 30 Days

Perhaps, 100 squats will do only little to transform you physically but that is the main goal. Little efforts such as 100 squats when done seriously can do positive changes. Add more to that routine and you will have the body you always dreamed of. All it takes is that you dedicate yourself even to small things.

If you decide to continue after the 30 days challenge, add a new routine like 30 minutes jogging. Do 50 sit-ups and 50 push-ups as well. Little by little and one by one within a short period of time in your 24 hours, you start to do wonders.

Indulge in different physical activities as well. If you want to travel while working out, how about mountain climbing, trekking, or long ride biking? There is surely a perfect exercise for your taste and needs. All you have to do is get up and find it. Lying in bed will get you nowhere but stuck. And the worst case scenario is that you will die without anything to show for it. You have not lived your life well.

Start somewhere. In this scenario, start with 100 squats today. Commit to doing it for a month. It will not take up much of your time. In fact, 100 squats will only cost you 10-15 minutes of your precious time if it is your first time. And that 15 minutes can be considered as well spent minutes. That is because it is good for your body. Nine more days and it could show you more. Maybe even make you proud on that very day.

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