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ENERGY BARS AND CYCLING –fuelling up your ride is easier than before!

Cycling as a sport has always been popular and largely enjoyed. Nowadays cycling has gained even more popularity amongst the health-freaks as a great way to workout, build muscle strength and lose or maintain weight.

Many people, even the non-athletes turn towards cycling for paddling their way to good health. If you are fond of cycling whether for fun or exercise, then you must make sure you adequately nourish your body for cycling is no easy feat and exerts a toll on your body.

Eating healthy to overcome and fatigue and avoid episodes of “bonking” while cycling is important. Bonking occurs when a cyclist falls low on energy and is characterised by symptoms like light headedness, disorientation and cold sweats

Quick energy refills in the form or nutritional drinks, trail mixes, nutrition bars and granola are quite popular among the cycling fraternity.  I particularly recommend a healthy energy or nutrition bar for they are quite handy, easy to carry and nutritious.

Energy bars have both taste as well as nutrition.  There are different kinds of energy bars and nutrition bars for cyclist are specially formulated to boost energy, enhance performance and power up your ride.


A healthiest energy bar for cyclist should comply with the following requirements-

  1. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates primarily provide energy and energy is one thing you need while cycling. Any energy bar you choose should provide up to 60gm of carbohydrates to maintain your blood sugar levels and protect you against the ill effects of bonking.

One very important consideration is the type of carbohydrates; you need wholesome energy and not a sudden spike from loads of sugar in your bar. Go for energy bars with whole grain cereal, granola, honey, fruits or dried fruits.

  1. Proteins

Proteins are very important post-ride recovery and to prevent muscle protein breakdown. Whey or soy based protein bars work best for cycling as well as any other sport.

  1. Calories

Energy bar for cyclist should necessarily be high in calories but healthy calorie to support the physical exertion and support muscle building. Energy bar providing 300-350kcals is ideal for your rides.

  1. Electrolytes

Dehydration due to excessive cycling is something quite commonly experienced and Imbalance of electrolytes, namely sodium, potassium and chloride, is a serious threat.

Many energy bars made essentially for cyclist and athletes are generally fortified with these minerals or contain food rich in these nutrients.

Energy bars are just the thing for you if you ride. However one should remember that Along with energy bars, a well balanced diet with all vital nutrients is equally important. In addition to diet keeping yourself hydrated with healthy juices and water is vital.


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