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Facelift, necklift or both?

There comes a time when even the most expensive creams can no longer keep those lines and wrinkles at bay, and you begin to consider having a small procedure to keep looking your absolute best for just a little longer. But which should you go for: a necklift, a facelift – or even both? Let’s have a look at both procedures in a bit more detail:

Neck issues

As we age, the skin around our jaw, under the chin and along the neck area becomes looser and softer, becoming prone to wrinkles and sagging. You do not have to turn to surgery immediately, as there are a number of non-surgical options that will erase the early signs of these problems. However, ageing is a continuous process and it will not be long before these superficial remedies no longer do the trick.

If you have been one of those determined people who have stuck to a good diet and activity regimen and have managed to lose all your excess weight, it can be very frustrating to still not feel great about your body: this time because of loose skin. Loose skin can occur anywhere on the body, and can usually be hidden under clothing. But if the weight loss shows on your face, it can give you a jowly or saggy appearance. Some loose skin will shrink back a little, as the last of the excess weight comes off and your natural collagen gets to work, keeping the skin in good shape. However, all too often there are sags and bumps left behind and these can be particularly noticeable around the jaw and neck area. In this case, often the best solution is a necklift.

Necklifts tighten the skin, removing those tell-tale sags and folds, smoothing out the neck and leaving your neck gorgeously youthful. Any problems around the lower part of the face, especially the chin, neck and jawline can benefit from a necklift.

Facing up

Issues that will require a facelift include any sagging around the eyes, frown-lines on the forehead, and those fine lips around the mouth that can make it seem as though your lips are pursed in disapproval, even when you are perfectly happy. 

Either or both?

Which procedure you need depends on the flaws you want to correct in your face. A facelift will remedy a sagging jaw, to a certain extent, but if the sagging extends under the chin or down into your neck area, perhaps a necklift is the solution. If, however, you have sagging eyelids, brow lines, and a crepey-looking neck, you might want to opt for both procedures to reset your whole appearance by ten years or so.

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