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Know The Best Tricks Of Taking Kratom Dosage And Get The Amazing Results

Herbs and plants have a significant power to cure various diseases, and we know that there are various species of plants with unique properties. Grown in the southeastern part of Asia, Kratom tree has a wonderful medicinal value. Its leaves are useful to make drugs for various conditions, like arthritis, diarrhea, and fibromyalgia. However, those, who have not used this herbal extract, want to know the best ways of taking it.

Kratom dosage- Suitable for the beginners

While you are using Kratom for the first time, you may better take it before having your meal. And if you consume it after taking the meal, the dosage needs to be higher. After twenty minutes, you may get a different feeling. Assess this feeling so that you may determine whether you need to increase the amount. After four to five hours, you have to repeat the process.

How should you take the herbal product- As pills or powder?

Kratom is available in the market in two forms- capsules and powders. However, the healthcare specialists recommend their clients to avoid capsules. The major disadvantage with the pills is that you may need to take more than ten capsules to have the right amount of dosage. You should also drink much water if you have consumed pills.

Take kratom with your morning tea

One of the interesting recipes is to make tea with Kratom. And to do so, you should-

  • Take crushed or ground kratom (two ounces) and then add water into it.
  • Let the solution be boiled for almost fifteen minutes
  • Filter out the leaves

Though the taste of the tea will be bitter, you may surely get an outstanding value from it. You may also store this tea in your fridge for 4 to 5 days.

Milkshake with Kratom and chocolate

It is another preferred recipe for those, who love chocolate flavor. With every Kratom dosage, you have to add milk that has a zest of chocolate. Many people love to have dark colored chocolate. Stir the blend of chocolate milk and Kratom so that the latter one may suck in the liquid.

A simple recipe to take Kratom

Take water in one glass and then put the Kratom (in powder form) in it. Usually, Kratom amount should be about seven grams. Stir it and then have a sip of this liquid solution so that the powder will not get settled. If the taste is bitter to you, then it is better to take a fruit sap after drinking the Kratom blend.

How to measure Kratom dosage

Use your scale for measuring the dosage of your Kratom. The physicians recommend that the minimum amount should be one-tenth of a gram.

However, if you try to consider the volume of Kratom, you may not get the accurate result. It depends mainly on whether the leaves are crushed finely.

So, follow this brief guide, while you want to consume Kratom to treat any disease or to use it as a stimulant.

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