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Purchase X-ray machine

Radiology is a special healthcare field specializing in the internal structure of organs examination and study. Exactly due to X-ray non-invasive examination, doctors can reveal diseases and other health problems.

X-ray equipment features and varieties

To equip clinics and hospitals, analog or digital X-ray machines are used. The latter provide instant X-ray images, saving time on their development procedures. Another advantage of digital X-ray machines is the minimal radiation exposure for patients. However, such equipment is twice as expensive as analog models.

Does the cost of digital X-ray equipment pay off? Definitely, it does. First of all, the clinic can save financial assets as there is no need to purchase an image developing machine or consumable products. Secondly, there is no need for a digitizer. Thirdly, modern equipment has a positive impact on the medical facility’s reputation, providing a greater customer flow.

Apart from their analog-digital classification, X-ray machines can also be stationary or mobile. The first ones are suitable to be operated in specially equipped rooms or compartments. They can also be used in operating theaters (operating models like C-arms) where an X-ray transparent table is installed.

Stationary models are also supplied with:

  • tomographic device;
  • remotely controlled rotary table tripod;
  • column tripod for images.

Portable equipment features a certain level of mobility. It is supplied in several modifications:

  • transported by special vehicles;
  • mobile installations used outside the X-ray department, for instance, in medical wards;
  • on-site models (used to examine patients under extreme conditions).

X-ray machines are also classified into:

  • general purpose;
  • specialized models (operating, tomographic, and photofluorographic units).

There is another classification feature – the scope of application. X-ray machines can be used in:

  1. Angiography (vessels are examined after specific contrast agents are injected).
  2. Mammography.
  3. Neurodiagnostics.
  4. Urology.
  5. Dentistry and the denture manufacturing. In this case, there are:
  • dental tomographs (for 3D images);
  • visionographers (for precision X-ray images);
  • orthopantomograph (panoramic devices).

The best option

If you need quality equipment, never forget to ask the seller for warranty and quality certificates. X-ray machines sold by BiMedis meet modern requirements and are supplied with all the necessary technical guides and documentation.

To equip your X-ray office, you may opt for the following actions:

  1. Purchase an analog stationary X-ray machine (designed for 2 to 3 workplaces), as well as a digitizer and a mammography machine.
  2. Purchase a digital X-ray machine and an analog mammography device.

To equip the dental office, you also have to purchase a visiograph and an orthopantomograph. The dental tomograph is necessary only for large dental clinics.

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