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Services Offered by Dental Care Centres in Whitby, Ontario

Everyone deserves to maintain good oral health, regardless of their age. Luckily, there are various well-equipped dental care centres that are known to offer a wide range of dental services for people of all ages. These centres are staffed with highly qualified dental care specialists who employ some of the latest technologies to achieve accuracy and optimal efficiency. Furthermore, all of their procedures are performed in very welcoming and comfortable environments.

Dental Care Centres in Whitby, Ontario If you are a resident of Whitby, Ontario, and are in need of professional dental care, you will find well-equipped dental care centres that offer unparalleled dental services at very affordable costs. So, whether you want to restore your damaged smile or you are searching for highly qualified cosmetic dentists in Whitby, Ontario to help enhance the appearance of your smile, these dental care centres are able to help. Some of the dental procedures they have specialized in include:

  1. Cosmetic Dentistry Whether you have misshapen, discoloured or crooked teeth, these specialists can help restore your glamorous smile with their advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures, which will, in turn, boost your self-confidence. Some of the procedures that are performed by cosmetic dentists in Whitby, Ontario include: a) Bonding: Here, an enamel-like composite material is normally applied to the surface of the teeth. It is thereafter sculpted into the right shape, hardened and polished. This is the best procedure for slightly decayed, discoloured or cracked teeth. b) Bridges: Dental bridges may be used to fill the gaps that are left by missing teeth in order to drastically improve the function and appearance of your smile. c) Veneers: These are ultra-thin, painless and versatile porcelain laminates, which can adhere to the teeth’s surface and may be used to eliminate gaps or disguise your discoloured teeth.
  2. Dental Crowns If you have one or more damaged teeth, dental crowns can be used to restore your mouth and smile to its original appearance and function. A crown is basically an artificial cover which is placed on a damaged or decayed tooth in order to restore its normal size and shape. The procedure is particularly necessary in cases where there is insufficient tooth structure left for placing a dental filling.
  3. Braces & other Orthodontic Services If you are searching for a qualified Whitby dentist to help you fix your improperly fitting or aligned teeth or jaws, these dental care specialists can also help with this. They are known to offer very advanced orthodontic treatments that can help to re-position your teeth into a perfect bite while improving or maintaining the appearance of your smile. The most common orthodontic treatment they use is braces.

Other dental procedures that are offered by these experts include Botox procedures, dentures, periodontal (gum) treatments, root canals, dental implants, dental surgery, as well as teeth whitening. The best part is that potentially painful procedures are normally performed while the patient is sedated, in order to minimize the pain and discomfort. If you are searching for an experienced Whitby dentist to help you fix your damaged, discoloured or missing teeth, or treat your diseased gums, these dental care centres have what it takes to help you out.

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