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Signs Your Pet Is Sick and What to Do

We all love our pets so very much. They are part of our home and feel like family to us. It’s no secret that the passing of a pet is one of the saddest things you can go through. While every animal will eventually have their time to go, there are always signs that you can be aware of. Knowing these signs will help you recognize what your pet is exhibiting and hopefully lead you to the conclusion that they need help and you can drive them to a hospital or veterinarian clinic close by immediately to get them looked at and taken care of.

Not every pet will survive even after they have treatment or surgery, but the important thing is to give them the option to survive. If there can be treatment and a Markham vet clinic can provide the standard of care that you want for your pet and hopefully help them to get better or at least ease their pain, then you should do it. It may not get to that if you recognize some key symptoms early on enough and follow up on them. For a sick pet, you have to get them to a veterinarian clinic or hospital as soon as possible in order to give them their best possible shot at getting better.

Read on to find out more about what some signs are that they may be sick and what to do about it. If your pet is sick, you should do everything in your power to help them and give them the best shot at leading a long and fulfilling life. They are key signs that anyone can recognize, so don’t be ashamed or think you will not be able to pick up on these signs. They are not rocket science and anyone can recognize these behaviours in their pet. By knowing what their version of being sick looks like, you can up the odds and help them to eventually get better.

Signs Your Pet Is Sick and What to Do

They are gone.

Your pet is usually everywhere and now they are just gone. Does this seem like something that has been happening to you more and more lately? A pet that disappears could be a sign that they are very sick and not feeling well. Animals frequently go to a small hiding place to either heal until they get better or die.

They are acting strangely or aggressively.

A pet acting weird is one that may be really sick. They could have been bitten by a rabid animal (be careful around them if you think this is the case, as rabies can be fatal without shots) or they could have some other sickness. If they’re acting odd, sit up and take note – it means something.

They aren’t eating.

If your pet isn’t eating, then it means there’s a problem. Check to see if they are eating and encourage it – then call a veterinarian clinic for more answers and to make an appointment. Their appetite should be robust and as normal.

They aren’t playful and they’re lethargic.

A lethargic pet may be a sign that something is wrong. It often happens that cats and dogs stop playing and become tired or uninterested. They don’t hate you – in fact, they could be very ill. Have them checked out at a Markham vet clinic and be sure they are truly okay.

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