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Using Dronedarone to Treat Atrial Fibrillation

Dronedarone (Multaq) is an antiarrhythmic tranquilize that was produced for treating atrial fibrillation. As they continued looking for a sheltered and compelling medication for this condition, pharmaceutical organizations have since quite a while ago envisioned their sacred goal: a medication that is as successful as amiodarone however without its interesting poisonous quality. Dronedarone was created by Sanofi (the creators of amiodarone) explicitly in the expectation of making that sacred goal.

Adequacy of Dronedarone in Treating Atrial Fibrillation

As antiarrhythmic drugs go, dronedarone is sensibly successful in treating atrial fibrillation. Shockingly, this isn’t stating without question. A few clinical preliminaries have shown that dronedarone is modestly compelling in keeping up a typical mood in individuals who have had atrial fibrillation.

In particular, dronedarone has been demonstrated to be fundamentally more successful than fake treatment. All things considered, 64% of patients treated with dronedarone had repetitive atrial fibrillation during the primary year of treatment. Interestingly, 75% of patients who got fake treatment had intermittent atrial fibrillation. This unassuming improvement is generally like that seen with most other antiarrhythmic drugs — once more, it’s not saying without a doubt.

In a clinical preliminary contrasting the adequacy of dronedarone with amiodarone, dronedarone end up being second rate compared to its “parent” medicate. 64% of individuals with atrial fibrillation treated with dronedarone had repetitive atrial fibrillation at one year, contrasted with “just” 42% of those treated with amiodarone.

How Well Is Dronedarone Tolerated?

Dronedarone is a subsidiary of amiodarone, which is the best, however generally poisonous, antiarrhythmic sedate yet created. In contrast to amiodarone, dronedarone doesn’t contain iodine particles. It is accepted that the iodine in amiodarone creates a portion of the medication’s striking dangerous impacts, particularly the thyroid poisonous quality was seen with the medication and maybe the lung toxicity.

Furthermore, notably, dronedarone has not shown the expansive range of one of a kind toxicities related with amiodarone. Nonetheless, liver poisonous quality has been accounted for with dronedarone, and a few instances of lung harmfulness have additionally been seen. People who have had liver or lung issues on amiodarone ought not be given dronedarone.

Studies have recommended that individuals with cardiovascular breakdown, or who have left ventricular launch divisions of 35% or underneath, may have an expanded danger of death when taking dronedarone. Dronedarone ought not be utilized in individuals with these conditions.

The opposite symptoms of dronedarone have all the earmarks of being moderately considerate. The most well-known revealed reactions are loose bowels or sickness, slow pulse, and rash.


Like all antiarrhythmic drugs, dronedarone ought to be utilized with alert. Its prescribed use is to help keep up a typical heart mood in patients who have had scenes of atrial fibrillation. In the event that atrial fibrillation repeats while taking dronedarone, the medication ought to be halted, and an alternate treatment technique received.

The medication is best utilized in more youthful individuals who have just irregular atrial fibrillation and who have in any case sound hearts.

A Word From Verywell

As it has turned out, dronedarone isn’t the sacred goal. Without a doubt, the story with this medication is a similar story that has been heard commonly with antiarrhythmic drugs — beginning fervor, trailed by extreme dissatisfaction. As a gathering, antiarrhythmic drugs are just modestly compelling, yet are among the most dangerous medications in medication. They ought to be utilized simply after cautious thought of the considerable number of options, and when the potential advantages plainly exceed the genuine dangers.

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