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What is Drug Detox


If anyone from your family or even you is suffering from any kind of drug addiction then you should seek medical help as soon as possible. Physical dependence relief from these drugs is utmost important. Lighthouse medical detox is the therapy used to control the withdrawal process and help the patient get over any kind of physical dependence. Once this state is acquired the patient can lead a path towards healing and ultimately recovering.

Types of Drug Detox

  • Social – In this type of detox the patient is kept under a house with a group of peoples in order to develop a social environment so that the patient can mix up with them and try to recover from their addiction. A team of medical experts are available 24*7 in case of any emergency.
  • Medical – This is also a very popular method of drug detox. Here patients are kept under a medicinal facility and given prescribed medicines for a stipulated period of time. The patient is kept under clinical expertise so that their detoxification process is conducted effectively.
  • Ultra – Rapid – In this drug detox method the patient is kept under anesthetic influence and given medicines like naltrexone which will be helpful to initiate withdrawal process. This method is undertaken with higher medications and is available at selective centers only.

Process of Drug Detox

  • Patient Intake– The patient is first taken under medicinal supervision and details related to drug addiction are collected like drugs taken, duration of addiction, risks and quantity of drugs taken, etc.
  • Medical Supervision – In the second step the patient is taken under medical supervision and his medications will be started. Prescribed medicines are given to the patients as advised by the doctors. A team of medical experts will be available with the patient every time to help him during his recovery phase.
  • Therapy & Counseling – Various counseling sessions are conducted for the patients in order to support them emotionally and psychologically to recover from their drug addiction. Various therapy classes are also undertaken in order to make patients at ease and try to divert their mind in creative activities.

Benefits of Drug Detox

  • Benefits of drug detox can be best explained by a patient who has recovered from drug addiction. The patient can be benefitted in many ways namely physically, emotionally and psychologically.
  • The patient starts feeling stronger in physical terms. After a successful drug detox program the patient is now emotionally stable and is now able to control his addictions and cravings in a matured manner.
  • He gets far more practical in his approach towards life. He can now better understand the consequences of any kind of drug addictions.
  • Many patients’ starts experiencing many psychological issues related to them while undergoing the drug detox treatment. They can immediately consult the concerned medical expert and get treated for their problems before they take a shape of any psychological disease.


Drug addiction is termed as the worst addiction a person can encounter with. The more satisfying drugs consumed the more difficult treatment they need to undertake for its recovery. Once a patient starts seeking medical help for his addiction problem, he should be completely dedicated to the treatment. Relapse ratio is higher in drug detox treatment hence it requires higher self control and strong will power.

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