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What You Should Know About Custom Orthotics in Victoria, BC

What Are Custom Orthotics? 

These are shoe inserts that are made particularly for a specific person’s feet. Custom orthotics are specially fitted for the person’s foot shape, shoe size and structural or foot problem. These are the best orthotics if you have a problem, as they are made with you in mind.

Who Needs Orthotics? 

These shoe inserts are prescribed for people with various conditions. They can be used to correct foot pain, correct flat feet, correct spurs, help stabilize the spine, and help alleviate the discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis.

Custom or Off The Shelf Orthotics? 

Some patients buy off-the-shelf orthotics in an attempt to save money. These shoe inserts range from silicone and cork sole inserts to silicone or rubber heel cups. The off-the-shelf orthotics are quite convenient, since they can be bought from most department stores and shoe stores, and they do not need the patient to wait for a laboratory to make the inserts for them.

However, it is not recommended to buy orthotic devices without the guidance of a chiropractor or physician. These experts will advise you on where to get your custom orthotics in Victoria, BC and how to use them and benefit from them. Victoria, BC physiotherapists can also be very helpful when it comes to getting these shoe inserts.

Although the off-the-shelf orthotic devices become more customized every year, they are still very generic to help the average person with a spine or foot problem. Also, these orthotic devices are designed for an average foot with a particular shoe size, but you will realize that many people have asymmetrical feet and will require a customized orthotic device to experience real relief.

Also, ill-fitted orthotic devices can make the problem worse rather than alleviate it. They can offer the wrong type of support, or even support the foot in the wrong area. This could end up creating more health problems, including exacerbating problems with the feet and spine. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a professional chiropractor or physician before getting orthotics in Victoria, BC.

Getting Fitted For Custom Orthotics

Victoria, BC physiotherapists, chiropractors or physicians are all qualified to fit custom inserts. They will take your foot measurements and images and send them to an orthotics laboratory that will customize shoe inserts for your foot size and your health condition. Once the measurements are sent to the lab, you might have to wait some days or a few weeks to get your custom orthotics. In the meantime, your chiropractor or physiotherapist might advise you to buy an off-the-shelf orthotic device to use until your custom orthotic device arrives from the lab.

Kinds of Orthotic Devices

Custom orthotics are available in a variety of shapes, as well as material types. This is because the orthotic devices are especially designed for your specific health condition and the shape and size of your feet. Orthotics in Victoria, BC can be designed to be weight bearing, semi weight bearing, and in some cases, non weight bearing, depending on your specific needs.

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