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Why You Can Find Fun And Fitness At A Trampoline Park

The United States is one of the countries whose economically active population suffers from work-related stress in higher proportions than those registered in other nations. Statistics indicate that four out of ten people employed in the USA present this problem on a daily basis, which is why the demand of a healthy recreation has constant growth. The exponential growth in the leisure industry means there are more business opportunities for companies dedicated to improving our physical and emotional state.

Not surprisingly, Matthew Reynolds from Tramp2lean Rotherham says that modern trampoline parks are quickly becoming the go-to for corporate employee well-being programs.

Here’s why

These spaces not only offer a fun alternative for children, youth and adults, but also represent an option to carry out various physical activities, which helps us achieve a much healthier life.

Regular trampolining can improve emotional well-being

According to the American Psychological Association (APA) there are three types of stress: the acute, the episodic acute and the chronic; the first two are the most common, and are generated by the demands of work that we live day by day, while the third is exhausting for people, in addition to causing diseases.

Stress in general, regardless of its cause and manifestations, must be taken care of so that it does not become chronic and just one of the ways to eliminate that tension is to perform physical activities. To do this, go to a trampoline park, alone, as a couple or with the whole family, is a healthy alternative that also guarantees several hours of fun.

The springboard parks in United States have various services for you to practice the art of jumping, in a modern and safe environment, which has state-of-the-art technology and attractive areas with trampolines on floors and walls. In fact, exercising on a trampoline for 20 minutes is equivalent to practicing a high impact aerobic sport for about two hours.

Trampolining improves cardiovascular function

Everyone knows that exercise is an important part of maintain your health. However, finding the right type of exercise can be tricky. For example, elder people and people who suffer from arthritis will probably struggle to go for a vigorous run around the local park. Their joints simply won’t allow it.

While swimming may be a great alternative to running, there are many a folk who may feel embarrassed to bare their bodies in public. Trampolining on the other hand is the perfect alternative. You’ll find that you can have a lot of fun getting fit, don’t over stress your joints, and can work out in a tracksuit. Needless to say, trampolining is becoming one of today’s most popular recreations.

However it is important to note that the equipment in trampoline parks does need to be properly maintained and comply with certain criteria.

For example, the International Association of Trampoline Parks recommends that these types of facilities have an extension of at least 1,600 square meters, thus enabling adequate space between each piece of equipment.

Why not try out a trampoline park yourself?


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