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  Your Best, Most Natural and Healthiest Alternatives To Sugar

Did you know that you can use healthy sweeteners as an alternative to sugar? There are at least 5 best sugar substitutes—five different ingredients that I use to replace traditional refined sugar. Sugar is a total load of garbage because it is full of chemicals or it is so refined to the point it has no nutrients left.

So, here is what you can use instead of sugar.

#1 Raw Honey

With raw honey, I am referring to pure, unadulterated raw honey. A great positive aspect of honey is that is not even technically a sugar, it is more of a healthy, whole food. It contains a lot of different properties like seriously powerful antioxidant. It helps us get rid of that reactive oxygen species in our blood that basically damages our cells.

If you replace sugar that you would normally be consuming with raw honey, you can dramatically reduce the impact on your blood sugar levels and contribute to better health. This is because typically speaking, raw honey is lower-glycemic which means that it can have a lower impact on your blood sugar in general. Also, it is going to give you a more of a gentle bell curve with you blood sugar levels and Insulin spike versus a big giant sharp spike and drop off.

Now, there are other health benefits to raw honey other than the fact that it is sweet, it tastes good and it is a food. Raw honey contain B-Pollen which has a lot of power properties. B-Pollen can actually act as something that can prevent allergies for given local areas. So, if you are consuming local honey, you can help you allergies out by simply just consuming that honey. It sort of builds an anti-body towards this specific allergy.

#2 Dolcetti

Dolcetti is not that popular and I do not know why. You can find Dolceti in Whole Foods, you can find it in most high-end Grocery Stores. It is an Apple Nectar and it averages between 7 to 9 on the Glycemic Index Scale. That is such a low impact, it is like Lettuce. Dolceti is very sweet and an excellent ingredient in a fitness regime or low-calorie nutritional program.

There has been a lot of research in terms of the benefits of Dolceti and how  It does not have a lot of different Vitamins and Minerals. It is derived from organic Apples and it is definitely a low-glycemic alternative to traditional sugar.

#3 Dates

You should eat lots of Dates and the reason why they taste so good is because they are very high in fiber. This means that in addition to getting the carbohydrate speed benefit, it negates a lot of the negative impact by having a high amount of fiber. A big total quantity in fiber means that your overall amount of net carbs is much less than if you would just have pure sugar. If you really want to increase your energy, fitness and endurance, check lifetoliveit, to find out about on-line coupons and coupon codes to buy your own carbohydrate and energy supplements at a much lower price.

Dates are also super high in Potassium. So, if you are trying to restore yourself after a bodybuilding workout, Dates are very good to get this high amount of Potassium. Another positive aspect of Dates is that very similar to the Prune family, they are going to help you out with that irregularity. Conclusively, no better way to sweeten the dish, sweeten the pie but no also be able to keep everything moving nice and smooth so that you can absorb the nutrients the next day.

#4 Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar has a huge component to it that is called Inulin which is what we call a prebiotic fiber. Prebiotics are essentially the fertilizer bacteria that will make our gut bacteria to grow, to flourish, to proliferate so that we have a healthy gut biome.

Coconut sugar containing that Inulin gives us one of the most powerful and one of the only natural sources of fiber we can get to help that process. It is certainly a major part of a good diet program and an energy booster before a gym workout or any physical exercise. Rather than eating stocks of Asparagus, may be just make a pie with a coconut sugar. In addition to that, Coconut sugar has a huge amount of Magnesium and Potassium. It is super good when it comes to Electrolytes and it also helps you when it comes to replenishing yourself after a workout or after a log day in the sun.

#5 Agave Nectar

Agave Nectar comes from that cactus and I am talking about pure Agave Syrup. One of the biggest reasons, I am a fan of the  Agave Nectar is that it is right in the sweet spot when it comes to the Glycemic Index. It is not so low that it will have an impact but it’s not so high that is going to spike your blood sugar all over place. That means that it help you with weight and fat loss. It is the right smack in the middle, so just enough to refill your muscles, to refill your liver but without getting the negative implication.

Agave Nectar is used in a lot of different recipes. It is used to fight inflammatory bowel disease. It is very easy for the body to break it down so you end up having a much more bioavailable form of sugar that you can get when using processed sugar.

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