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18Shake Diet Reviews: Is It Effective for You?

One of the popular diet programs that recently becomes hot issue and claimed to help people lose weight quickly is 18Shake. It is considered as the best diet shake in 2017. The producer of the shake claims that it is a luxury meal replacement that will make your diet becomes a fun experience. Not only this is claimed as simple diet but the taste of the shake is also delicious. But is it true? What are the benefits of the diet program? And are there side effects come along with this diet?

What Is It Actually?

18Shake is a meal replacement product that is claimed to help people lose extra pounds and reach their ideal weight fast. You can use the nutrition contained in the shake to replace one or two meals you usually consume every day. The shake you consume will help you to suppress your appetite so you will eat less food than usual. Though the shake helps you to suppress your desire to eat but you don’t need to worry that you will be hungry and weak. Otherwise, consuming the shake will increase your energy level so that you can still do your daily activities even though there is nothing you eat but the shake. The nicest thing is that you can still lose your weight at the same time. Moreover, the company that produces the shake claims that you don’t need to do exercise anymore to lose your weight if you consume their product. But you are suggested to do physical exercise if you want to improve the result and lose weight quicker. It sounds good, isn’t it? This delicious meal replacement comes with two different flavors, they are chocolate and vanilla. Those two flavors are people’s favorite though chocolate seems to be favored compared to vanilla. But, whatever your choice of flavor is, the shake tastes delicious. There are some healthy recipes provided by the shake producer to avoid boredom. You can apply them to change the basic flavors of the shake so they will be more vary and delicious. The shake enables you to consume it everywhere even if you are in the office or at a trip. The producer of the shake will give you guarantee of full money back if you fail to lose your weight in 30 days after consuming their products.

The Shake Ingredients

This 18Shake is made of natural ingredients. It contains quality fiber and high protein to help people suppress their appetite. The other ingredients exist in the shake include minerals, vitamins, whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, Fibersol – 2, and much more. Whey protein isolate as the main component of the shake product is very rich of amino acids. The protein also functions to enhance plasma amino acids that help your body build foundations that are useful for muscle mass preservation. The whey protein concentrate contained in the shake product can enhance glucose metabolism. The concentrated protein can also function to improve muscle protein synthesis and can treat diabetes type – 2. Meanwhile the Fibersol – 2 is very important to improve satiety. Many studies show that 10 gram of Fibersol – 2 in every meal that people consume can increase weight loss significantly and helps body to stimulate the production of satiety hormones. By consuming the shake, people will feel full for longer time and this makes them have no willingness to eat more food. That is why the followers of the diet can lose their weight in relatively short period of time. The shake producer also claims that this meal replacement comes with zero artificial additive substances, preservatives, sweeteners, gluten, soy, and colors. This makes the shake is healthy to consume by everyone and safe.

The Side Effects of the 18Shake Diet

Despite the benefits people can get from this 18Shake diet, there are some side effects that might come along with the diet. The most common side effects that people report to suffer form are nausea and upset stomach. Though whey proteins are claimed as healthy substances that can benefit on human body, but they also have some disadvantages. The whey products contained in the shake products can cause people to experience cramps, headache, tiredness, and bloating. Different people may experience different side effects of the shake. This will depend on their health condition when they consume the shake. You are not allowed to consume the shake if you have allergy toward products contained of protein. You are suggested to quit consuming the shake once you experience one of the side effects. You better seek for medical help soon if the effects keep continuing for several days. You need to be careful in consuming the diet shake. Look at the food label carefully before you consume the shake to minimize the side effects of the products.

Healthy Recipes of the Shake

It is really boring if you have to consume the same flavors of a food product for long period of time. To ovoid boredom due to the limitation of the 18Shake basic flavors, there are some healthy recipes provided for you as alternatives. They are simple healthy recipes that you can prepare in less than 10 minutes. Each recipe can be used for two cups of shake. The basic materials you need to prepare for the healthy recipes are milk, ice, bananas, applesauce, natural sweeteners, and of course the diet shake with your desired flavor. The recipes include apple pie shake. This is the great way to enjoy the shake and lose weight. The delicious taste of apple pie will make you feel the diet plan is quite fun. Another healthy recipe you can try is super green smoothie. Not only that the smoothie is delicious but very healthy since it is made of health and fresh vegetables. The other super delicious healthy recipes you can try include blueberry bluster shake, creamy peanut butter shake, chocolate coffee protein shake, and chocolate strawberry blast. You can also use your creativity to create other healthy recipes that will make your diet program more fun.

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